Sunday, February 10, 2013

Culinary Adventure: South African Baby Pineapples

A few years back, I saw baby pineapples online... but I've never been able to find them in person.  I was completely obsessed with them for a while, and called around to all of my local grocery stores to see if there was anyone who carried them.  Nothing.

Then I became a food blogger, and I became more intrigued with tiny things.  I think that much is clear to anyone who has been reading my blog for any amount of time. When some of my bento blogger friends were talking about mini apples they found last week, my mind returned to the mini pineapple.  I've become bolder and more resourceful through the years, so I went directly to the source.  I found a distributor of produce - Melissa's Produce - and I wrote them to see if anyone in my area stocks the mini pineapples.

How delighted was I when they wrote back and said that no one in my area currently carries them, but they'd be happy to send me a free sample.  Yes, there was dancing involved.  Perhaps some squealing.  I had a bit of a rough week, so this was the bright light that I needed.

I received the box of South African baby pineapples on Friday.  Four delicious looking, tiny, beautiful fruits about the size of a large apple.

I brought one out to my parents' house to share with my family.  It was perfect timing - Winter Storm Nemo had just dropped over a foot of snow on us, and we could use a little tropical cheer.

We are all in love.  They are slightly less acidic and more sweet than ordinary pineapples, and you can even eat the core!  It's a little harder than the rest of the flesh, but certainly not a deterrent to eating it.

I cannot wait to pack them in lunches - and I kind of want to bring one around to all of my local stores to see if I can sway any of them to carry these little beauties.  I am going to be very sad when my four are gone, and I will continue looking for them in stores.

Have any of you tried these adorable baby pineapples?

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  1. Awesome! I'd never heard of them until you posted. They're adorable. Very cool too that you can eat the core!

  2. So cute! I've seen them before but never in our stores - lucky!

  3. So cute! I had never seen them before. I now want one.