Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Family Lunches: 6.5.13

Happy Wednesday!

Daddy has a ranch, ham, and salad wrap, orange slices, apple slices, and blackberries.

I have crackers, liverwurst, orange slices, jumbo raisins, peach slices, and cherry tomatoes.

Crackers: 20g, Liverwurst: 1g, raisins: 16g, carrots: 2g, strawberries: 5g, apple: 4g

The Boy has a banana for snack (not pictured, 28g).  His lunch is crackers, liverwurst, carrots, apple slices, jumbo raisins, and strawberries.

The Girl has a Chobani Champions for snack (not pictured).  Her lunch is crackers, ham, orange slices, carrots, peach slices, and blackberries.

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  1. How do you keep the apples from browning?

    1. My kids don't mind if the apples brown a little, but I have used Ball Fruit Fresh, which works great. It's an ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) powder.

  2. Mhmm, blackberries! Love your pictures and background paper!