Monday, June 17, 2013

Lunches for an Outing: Wheeler Mountain - 6.15.13

Our first hike of the season!!

The Boy has been begging to do Wheeler Mountain since last year... It is a 2 hour drive from our house, so it isn't an easy one to get to.

But I think we may all have a new favorite mountain!  It's a relatively short hike and so pretty... challenging at times, and all of us came down with holes in our pants - though this was caused by foolishly sliding down granite slabs on the way down.  Poor planning, but it was fun.

We had several friends along with us, and I made all the lunches.

Everyone had some Asian snack mix, fruit (The Girl got strawberries, but everyone else had cantaloupe), a sandwich, and either BBQ Corn crunch snacks from Naturebox or Guacamole bites from Naturebox.

For my vegetarian friend, I put leftover grilled curry veggies in his sandwich instead of ham.
A stack of hike-ready lunches!

I also brought along some Astronaut ice cream that I had as a treat.

The lunches were delicious mountain-top.

None of us can wait for our next adventure - and the accompanying lunch!

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  1. What a beautiful hike it looks like! Makes me wish I was there!