Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lunches: 12.11.13

Quick lunches for Wednesday.
The Girl's lunch
Sandwich: 40g, apple slices: 4g. kale chips: 1g, blueberries: 5g
The kids have the same lunch for the day - kale chips, blueberries, a sandwich with hummus, salami, and ham, and apple slices.  They both have yogurt for snack (not pictured, 24g).

It's sometimes nice to just have a throw-together lunch, which can be made in just a couple of minutes.  Especially when I am tired and pre-Holiday frazzled like I am this week.  ;)  I love Easylunchboxes for many reasons - one of which is that they make this kind of lunch look less "boring."

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  1. These lunches are far from boring Astrid! The sandwich sounds DELISH! :)