Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lunches: 12.12.13 - Kid Made!

The kids made their lunches for Thursday.
Chocolate Cherry Raisins: 22g, goldfish: 20g, apple slices: 5g, freeze dried corn: 1g, freeze dried strawberries: 3g, sandwiches: 30g
The Boy has chocolate cherry raisins, Christmas Goldfish, freeze dried sweet corn, freeze dried strawberries,  apple slices, and a couple sandwiches on sourdough cocktail bread with hummus, salami, and ham.  He has yogurt for snack (not pictured, 24g)

The Girl has a couple sunbutter sandwiches on sourdough cocktail bread, apple slices, freeze dried strawberries, freeze dried corn, and freeze dried peas, with some Christmas Goldfish crackers.  She has yogurt for snack (not pictured).

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