Sunday, February 2, 2014

Culinary Adventures: Himalayan Restaurant

The Boy and I spent the day with my mother yesterday, and we were wandering around downtown Burlington trying to decide what to have for lunch.  I mentioned that I thought there was a Himalayan restaurant that I hadn't tried yet, and The Boy became unflappable in his determination to go there.

He heard there were dumplings to be had, you see.

So, we found our way to The Sherpa Kitchen. We were not disappointed.

They had a three part lunch menu, with a drink, an appetizer, and an entree for $8.99.  We all went for that.

The Boy had a homemade lemonade to drink, and I was pleased to see that it wasn't overly sweet.  He declared that it was perfect.  My mother had mango lassi, and it was thick enough for the straw to stick up in.  It certainly was not thinned with anything - just fruit and yogurt if we had to guess.

I decided to have the Tibetan chai, and I fell in love a little bit.  A lot of chai is too sweet for me, and is more akin to a pureed granola bar than anything else.  This chai was just slightly spiced tea with milk and was beautiful.

For appetizers, my mother had a lentil soup, and it was just lightly spiced with cilantro and cumin.  We all tasted it, and any of us would have been happy to have it as our appetizer.

I got pakora, which is a onion and vegetable fritter.  The presentation was beautiful.  It's sometimes hard to make a fritter look this pretty.

The Boy decided on a samosa, stuffed with potato and spinach.  He loved it and I was hard pressed to steal a bite.

For our entrees, we decided to each get a different kind of momo, or dumpling.  Each order came with six dumplings, in either vegetable, chicken, or beef.

They were served with a tomato based sauce.

Obviously, The Boy was a fan.  I don't think he has ever met a dumpling of any kind he didn't like.

We decided to spring for a dessert to share.  My father used to make a version of khulfi, but his was more like a pudding.  This was a frozen version, with mango and pistachio, and we all adored it.

The Boy made friends with our waiter, and declared that he wanted to go back all the time.

You never know what your kids will like.  I hope to go for more culinary adventures with the kids (and my mom!) in the future, and more exploration of the culinary world all around us.

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