Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Family Lunches: 8.27.14 - First (Official) Day of School!

The Girl's Smart Start yesterday went really well!  She was very happy with her day, and only had minor problems with her locker (she said that it hated her... she needs to get used to working out a locker combination quickly.  That can be a challenge for the best of us)

Now, it's time for the official start of school for both children!

I had a little fun with the Trader Joe's Schoolhouse Cookies.  These are The Boy's.  The Girl has the letters to spell out her name.

Salad: 2g, dressing: 2g, croutons: 8g, watermelon: 5g, cookies: 15g
The Boy's lunch is a Caesar salad (he has been totally obsessed with Caesar salad lately - he got it three times in New York City, even opting out of french fries for a side Caesar.  I'm not going to question it) with some Parmesan crisps for croutons, with a container of dressing, watermelon, and the Schoolhouse cookies.  His snack is a pear sauce (not pictured, 18g)

The Girl has some mini tacos, figs, watermelon, some Schoolhouse cookies to spell her name, a cheese stick, pea crisps, and a happy little clementine.  Her snack is also a pear sauce (not pictured).

I also packed lunches for The Hubby and for myself.  I have a couple of figs, heirloom grape tomatoes, and a mini pizza (leftovers from dinner).

The Hubby has strawberries, apple slices, and a leftover mini pizza from dinner.

Happy new school year!

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