Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lunches: 8.29.14

First Friday of the school year!  The Hubby and I will snag food for our lunches at work.

Salad with dressing and croutons: 8g, apple: 6g, blueberries: 3g, cheese crackers: 12g, pea crisps: 5g.
The Boy wanted to bring a Caesar salad plus more for lunch, so I decided to try him out with the GoGreenLunchBox.  It's much bigger, but it works out well when there is a salad, which takes up a lot of room, but isn't extremely filling.  He has a Caesar salad, with dressing and croutons separately packed, a small apple with some blueberries, cheese sandwich mini crackers, and pea crips.  His snack is the fruit bar (19g), in the same lunch box.

The Girl has some mini tacos, a small apple, blueberries (I discovered that plastic shot glasses fit perfectly into an Easylunchbox!!  I'm so happy about this discovery!), yogurt star cookies, a couple clementines, and some pea crisps.  Her snack is a yogurt (not pictured).

Happy weekend!

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