Sunday, May 10, 2015

Culinary Adventure: Istanbul Kebab House

For Mother's Day, we decided to bring my mother out to a fantastic Turkish restaurant, the Istanbul Kebab House.  The Hubby and I had been there before, and have wanted to bring my mother since our visit.  She and my father went to Turkey several years ago, and she said it was her favorite food of any of her travels.

My sister and her husband were with us as well.  We got to sit on the roof patio (and it only sprinkled on us a little).  We shared the food all around.

Turkish meze platter
Amazing lavash bread
We shared some appetizers - a Turkish meze platter, crispy phyllo cheese rolls (missed a picture of those), and calamari.

I got a cucumber martini... it was .... weird.

My mother got a fig martini.  That one was delicious.

For main dishes, The Hubby got a spicy lamb (Adana) kebab.

My mother got lamb kofte.

My sister and her husband shared a mixed grill kebab.

I got a vegetable stuffed eggplant.

I didn't get pictures, but the kids got a meatball plate with rice, and a pizza on lavash (they shared).

For dessert, we all got maple apple baklava.  I also had a delicious Turkish tea.

Wonderful Mother's Day!
My beautiful mother!
It was an amazing meal, and the kids tried pretty much everything as well.  It was certainly a culinary adventure, and my mother said that the food was very reminiscent of what she had in Turkey.  That's a win for sure!

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