Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lunches: 5.26.15

Today's lunches are filled with leftovers from The Boy's birthday party.

Rhubarb cake: 10g, melon: 6g, tomatoes, cucumbers & dip: 5g, flatbread: 4g, meatballs: 8g
The Boy has mixed melon, along with mini heirloom tomatoes, cucumber slices, and a dip called Muhammara (it has roasted red peppers, walnuts, and pomegranate juice.  The kids love it.  It's near the hummus in the store).  He also has a couple pieces of flatbread with meatballs, and a small piece of my mother's rhubarb cake.  His snack is a cereal bar (not pictured, 28g).

The Girl has blackberries and cherries, mini bell peppers, rainbow carrots, and muhammara, along with flatbread and meatballs.

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