Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lunches for an Outing: Shelburne Museum 7.17.15

We have a membership to the Shelburne Museum, so this will not be the only lunches I make for a trip there. We went with a friend of mine who has never been- and it is always something to see.

The Shelburne Museum is a huge museum, collected buildings that have been moved to the museum grounds or built there, along with art, American history, and so many other things.

There are houses like the Stencil house, which is re-furnished like it would have been in the colonial era.

There are collections of toys, dollhouses, and French automatons.

I personally love the General store and apothacary.

When you buy a ticket normally, it gives you admission for two days.  There's a reason for that.  It would be almost impossible to see everything in one day.

Because we have a membership, the last time we went there, the kids pretty much just wanted to ride the carousel all day.  And I could let them, without feeling like we were wasting money. Perfection.

This time, The Girl wanted to explore on her own.  She had her camera and a watch, and was given times to meet us to check in.  She loved it.

Our friend on the Ti

Our guide showing us how the engine worked

Pantry in the Ti kitchen

The crowning glory of the museum is the Ticonderoga.  It's the last boat of it's kind in existence, and it was moved to the museum about two miles overland, in an amazing feat of engineering, 50 years ago.


The museum also houses some original Monets, Manets, Mary Cassatts (who was a personal friend of the museum founder), Rembrandts, and Degas.  Amazing to see.

They have a cafeteria, but it is pretty expensive, so of course we brought our lunches.

Each person had a sandwich with Muhammara and turkey, along with blueberries, and some popcorn chips.  After lunch, I also bought creemees for everyone (that's soft serve ice cream to all you non-Vermonters!)

You could seriously walk to museum grounds and do nothing but look at the flowers.  Right now, their day lilies are blooming.  They also have phenomenal lilacs, peonies, and roses, in season.  Because I am a terrible gardener, personally, it is always nice to go and see gorgeous flowers, without risking my tendencies to kill them when I try to grow them.

We'll be back the the Shelburne Museum, and we could see entirely different things next time. If you are ever in Vermont, this is a must-see place.

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