Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Lunches: 9.6.16

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  I made a wedding cake for a friend, and I will be blogging it soon, because I was super proud of it.  Really.  I took two days off work to make the cakes, to make sure it was right.

I have no problem saying... I did well.  The Bride and Groom were happy.  The cake was delicious.  Very pleased.

And now, it's time for school again!
Hey look, ground cherries!

A friend gave us some ground cherries, which The Boy decided he is especially fond of.  I always love a good fun fruit, so I'm thrilled to put them in lunches!

Ground cherries: 4g, grapes: 8g, wrap: 15g, carrots: 3g, egg: 0g

The Boy has some ground cherries, big grapes ("Sweet Celebration" variety), a wrap with ham, cheese, hummus, and spinach, along with baby rainbow carrots, and a hard boiled egg (wrapped in plastic wrap, so that it keeps it's egginess to itself.  His snack is a PB&J bar (from Trader Joe's, not pictured, 23g)

The Girl also has ground cherries, grapes, a wrap with ham, cheese, hummus, and spinach, rainbow baby carrots, and a hard boiled egg.

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