Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lunches: Roald Dahl Day 2016 (9.13.16)

In case you haven't noticed, we are big Roald Dahl fans.  There isn't a big Roald Dahl blog hop this year, but I couldn't let the 100th Birthday of such a fantastic author go by unnoticed!

Both kids have essentially the same lunch.  I drew the BFG (That's Big, Friendly Giant to those uninitiated!) on a tortilla with food coloring.  I'm no Quentin Blake, but I think it turned out pretty well.
Tortilla sandwich: 30g, yogurt: 9g, babybell: 1g, snozzcumber: 1g, snozzberries: 8g, dark chocolate honey mints: 14g
 The  Boy also as a snack of strawberry applesauce (not pictured, 14g)

What is under the BFG.
I made a BFG tortilla sandwich, with Muhammara and ham, with a yogurt squisher, a babybell cheese, half a snozzcumber (that's a cucumber, I couldn't find the foul veggie at a regular supermarket here, so I used the next best thing), and I did find some beautiful snozzberries (ok, so they are golden raspberries stuffed with blueberries...) - bet they taste like snozzberries!

 I couldn't finish a Roald Dahl lunch without a little something sweet, so there are a couple dark chocolate honey mints in each lunch.

Believe in magic, friends.  Happy Birthday, Roald Dahl.

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