Sunday, August 28, 2011

Recipe Revisited: Cookie Bites

Last September, I made these tiny Vanilla Cookie Bites.

Today, I am stuck in my house and it's raining hard outside... we may lose power later when the wind picks up due to Hurricane Irene.  We are only getting the very edge of the storm, but it's still enough to keep us home.

What better to do than bake (and hope that the power doesn't go out while the cookies are in the oven)?

I made the dough just as before (with the addition of a tiny bit of almond extract), but I took about a quarter of it and added some cocoa powder and a tiny bit of Espresso Powder (to deepen the chocolate flavor).  I put them both in pastry bags and went to town.

I really wanted to make happy faces.  That was more work that it was worth..

And some of them came out looking demented.

So, I switched to star tips and we made "flowers," or a bigger vanilla-almond star with a tiny chocolate star in the middle.

The Girl helped.  I was actually surprised that she did so well with the pastry bag.

For some reason, this made about 190 cookies, as opposed to the 330 cookies I made last time.  I must have made them much bigger this time.  I still baked them for 10 minutes, and they were perfect.

They ended up being about 10 calories and 2g carbs per cookie.  And they are totally adorable.

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  1. That looks like it'd take forever, especially if you actually came out with the 330 again, but they sound delicious. Looks like it'd be fun with kids, too, so totally worth it. :D