Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lunch for the Boy: 8.31.11

First day of Kindergarten for my Boy!

A note, for new readers, The Boy is a Type 1 Diabetic, so I will be including carbohydrate counts with his food.
Yogurt: 8g carbs, Strawberries: 6g carbs
For snack, he has some strawberries, and some homemade Greek yogurt with some pureed blueberries and peach (which I used the other day when I made polka-dotted fruit leather), which I put into a silicone ice pop mold so that it would be like gogurt ... the jury is out on these it seems rather precarious to put these in lunch and expect them not to pop by the time snack time comes... I saw another idea on making homemade "gogurt" in food saver bags, and I've got one of those gizmos, so I might try that if this explodes.
Sandwich: ~25g, banana: 23g, cucumber: 1g, carrots: 2g, Ranch dressing: 2g, bus crackers: 15g total (5g each), milk: 22g
For lunch, he has a ham and cheddar sandwich on homemade pain de mie (cut into letter shapes, per the boy's request, the C got a bit squished), a small banana, some cucumber and carrot pieces with ranch dressing, and a school bus "animal" crackers.  This lunch is packed in my trusty Easy Lunchbox container.

He also has a vanilla Horizon milk, but I don't know that those will be a staple, because I couldn't get them at Costco, and at the regular store they are too expensive.  I was also hoping to get some non-flavored ones at Costco, but all they had for box milk was soy and chocolate.  Not interested in either, thanks.  If The Boy ends up wanting milk with his lunch, I may just let him buy it at school.  Time will tell.

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  1. They don't sell Horizon boxes at our Costco, but our Whole Foods carries them, and they aren't badly priced. jodi

  2. Thanks, Jodi. They used to have the Horizon milks at our Costco... not anymore. We don't have a Whole Foods, but we have a couple local comparable stores, so I'll check it out...