Sunday, December 25, 2011

Recipe: Swedish Christmas Rice Porridge

Merry Christmas, all!

For my whole life, Christmas morning has brought two things - Santa and Swedish Christmas Rice Porridge.

My family has a tradition that you have to rhyme for your spoonfuls... I'm not sure if this is a traditional Swedish tradition, or just a peculiarity within my family, but it is fun.  And sometimes challenging, if you haven't had your coffee yet.

The kids love to rhyme for breakfast.  Although, I told them I would make this for school breakfasts if they wanted, with no rhyming required.  The Girl said "But we could rhyme for practice, right?"  I love these kids.

When I was growing up, my mom would have to wake up early and make the porridge, or we would all wait for it... cooked traditionally, it takes almost an hour of cooking over low heat on the stove.
With some jelly and cinnamon stirred in.

A few years back, I realized that you can make it in the crockpot.  Now, I throw the ingredients in the crockpot before going to bed on Christmas Eve, and we wake up to filled stockings and cooked porridge in the morning.   It couldn't be easier.

There is one almond in the porridge, and whoever gets it has good luck for the year (or, when everyone is older, we said it would be who would get married next!)

The Boy found the almond this year.  Though he is a consummate flirt, we'll call it good luck for the year. 

So, try this next Christmas, or for an everyday breakfast.  It's really yummy.

Swedish Christmas Rice Porridge

1 1/3 c water
1 tsp salt
1 Tbsp butter
1 small stick cinnamon
2/3 c white rice
2 2/3 c skim milk
2 Tbsp sugar

1 whole almond, peeled (optional)

Combine all ingredients in a crockpot, stir, and set on low overnight (at least 6 hours).  It will cook and the liquid will be absorbed overnight.  In the morning, stir, and add an almond if desired (don't put this in the night before, or it will pretty much disintegrate!). 

Serve by the scoopful to whoever rhymes, stirring in jam or cinnamon if desired.  Whoever gets the almond is said to have good luck!

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