Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lunch for Daddy & Mommy: 12.3.12

I received a GoGreenLunchBox to review (and the review will be forthcoming!), and it is a larger lunch box, and I thought it would be good for The Hubby or me.  Today, The Hubby has it.

His lunch is a wrap with a piece of capicola ham, some regular ham, and some miracle whip on a whole wheat tortilla, a string cheese, apple slices, peanuts & raisins, and a salad with baby spinach, carrots, and sliced cucumber (with ranch dressing), along with water in the included water bottle.

My lunch is a wrap with Cedar's artichoke spinach tzaziki, a couple pieces of spinach, a piece of capicola ham, and a piece of regular ham, along with some more spinach and carrots, apple slices, and some Naturebox maple chipotle almonds.

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