Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mommy & Daddy Lunches: 12.12.12

Daddy's Wednesday lunch is a sandwich on whole wheat with a little light Miracle Whip, a slice of Genoa salami, a slice of ham, a slice of hot capicola, and a slice of cheese.  He also has some raw spinach, a banana, and a some peanuts and raisins in his GoGreenLunchBox (review coming soon!).  He wanted less of those today because he thinks he won't be hungry after the rest of the lunch.

I have some leftover casserole (filling from the Monday enchiladas layered with some salsa, corn tortillas, and cheese), spinach, and apple slices in my Easylunchbox.  I will be biking to work (11 miles each way), so I can use the bigger lunch!

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