Monday, September 9, 2013

Lunches: 9.9.13

The Hubby and I will get lunches at work today.

Hard boiled egg - 0g, melon: 5g, pesto bagel: 25g, veggies & ranch: 2g, grapes: 3g

The Boy has a mini bagel with pesto and Cabot cheddar cheese, along with a medley of veggies - carrots, radish, and zucchini - with ranch dressing, grapes, a hard boiled egg, and melon, in an Easylunchbox.  For snack, he has a banana (not shown, 28g)

The Girl has a mini bagel with Cabot cheddar cheese, ham lettuce, and Miracle Whip, with grapes, a Chobani Champions yogurt, carrots, Motts Medleys fruit snacks (from a Goodies Box) and Scrabble Cheez-its, in her Easylunchbox.  She has a banana for snack.

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