Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lunches: 9.15.14

The Boy isn't feeling that well this Sunday evening, but I packed lunch for him for tomorrow, in hopes that a good night's sleep will revive his spirits.  We went out to dinner, and he didn't finish his Caesar salad... so we knew he was under the weather.
Salad: 12g, apple slices: 8g
I packed his leftover Caesar in his lunch, with the caveat that I will take a look at it in the morning to see how it looks before sending it to school with him.  Pre-dressed salad doesn't always fare that well the day after... so this post may be edited in the morning with a quickly made redo lunch!  He has his salad, and a whole apple, sliced up, for lunch.  Its a pretty low carb lunch, so hopefully it will tide him (and his blood sugar!) over.  His snack will be a granola bar (not pictured, 23g).

The Girl also has restaurant leftovers for lunch - chicken alfredo.  I packed her a peach and some jackfruit crisps to go with it.  Her snack is also a granola bar (not pictured).

Happy Monday, one and all!

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