Thursday, July 15, 2010

Giveaway: Back to School Lunch Boxes for Kids - Easy LunchBox: CLOSED

UPDATE: The winner has been chosen.

Kelly from Easy LunchBoxes has generously offered to sponsor another giveaway for my readers, and this time, it's in good time to get your prize before Back to School!

(I know, I'm not prepared to think about it either. And I know it's a month away at least for most people, but these great lunch boxes for kids are wonderful for summer outings, too!)

In my original review of Easy Lunchboxes, I wasn't sure I would use them every day. I didn't think they were "cute" enough for the girl's lunch. I have totally changed my mind. I have used them (for mostly my own lunches) since I got them, and have bought a couple more sets of containers for summer use with my brother and his kids, and gave some to my mother-in-law for her outings with the kids, and she also uses them for my father-in-law's lunches. They clean up so easily, and are totally dishwasher safe. That makes life a whole lot easier. None of my other containers are really dishwasher safe. The containers are also very sturdy. That's a huge plus.

The Details of the Giveaway:

One lucky winner will receive a set of Easy LunchBox containers, along with an insulated lunch bag in the color of the winner's choice (black, dark red, olive, aqua, or purple). (Retail value $21.90)

(Images courtesy

What do you have to do to enter?


Visit Easy LunchBoxes and post a comment below of something that you learned from your visit. What would you pack for your kid in your new Easy Lunchbox container?

Winner will be chosen at random next Wednesday, July 21st, at about 6 PM.  One entry per person, please.  Please leave an email address (with spaces if desired ie email at email dot com) so I can contact you when you win.  Anonymous entries will be disregarded.  If I can't contact you, you can't win.  I at least need a name and some way to get in contact with you.

Good luck!  And, thank you to Kelly for sponsoring another giveaway!

This giveaway is offered to US & Canadian residents only.

Please do not enter this giveaway if have won or received free product from 
EasyLunchboxes within the past 3 months.

Disclaimer:  While I am an EasyLunchBox Affiliate, I was not in any way compensated for this Giveaway and updated review.   

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  1. I love that they are BPA free!! I would pack ham sandwich, carrots, and some fruit for my son's lunch. Yummo!

  2. i love that they have 3 compartments with just one lid. i would pack some salami, a cheese stick, broccoli, & mandarin oranges. thanks for the contest! :)

  3. forgot my email. grr!

  4. I learned that I want to make muffin-tin mini quiches to put in our lunches!

  5. Yum! The ideas for lunches are making me hungry. I'll definitely "steal" some of those menu ideas.

  6. I'd send my daughter off to her grandma's with a packed lunch! Definitely cute!

  7. Cool giveaway Astrid!

    I like that the cooler can hold 3 of the lunchboxes!! I would pack some of these:

    You can message me on Facebook in the unlikely event I win. :)

  8. I love that you can fit everything for one meal in one container!!

  9. Oh yay! So psyched to find this! My favorite lunch bag and container were chewed up by my beloved pup, and I've been desperately searching for a new one. Problem is, the containers never fit the bags! I had no idea this site existed...I'm ordering one of these STAT! (But I'd love the freebie, too. :) ) Best thing ever for fruit, hummus, and assorted veggies at the office!

  10. Wow those are great! For a kid like mine who doesn't like sandwiches for lunch, its great to see something with dividers AND that is stackable. Great way to cut down on plastic baggies!

  11. I like the fact that they are a simple design that I can slip past my teenagers and husband. They are a little too "mature" for cute bento but could use the idea to improve the healthy choices in their lunches.

  12. L-O-V-E this! The write up comparing the other brand with hers after the dish washer. . . well, that's convincing! Would love to win - start our new 1st grader out right!!!

    j.bkicklighter at sbcglobal dot net

  13. I was impressed that the cooler can fit three of the boxes so compactly! I've been eying these boxes for several months now, so winning them would be sweet. :)

    I would pack a pb and honey sandwich, blueberries and edamame.

    hydrangea247 @

  14. I would pack lots of yummy sandwiches and then fruit and veg in the compartments. In fact, I do! I have some right now and would LOVE to get more!

  15. Perfect! My boys have laptop lunch boxes, but my daughter will need lunches for extended day preschool this year, and this is perfect. I like that it will keep the moist food like fruit away from the pretzels, bread, etc. Perfect!


    kaya3 at earthlink dot net

  16. The lunch boxes are super cute. I love how it has three seperate compartments. My kids are pretty picky when it comes to food touching another food. This would make it so much easier. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas and recipes with us.


  17. My oldest son is about to enter Kindergarten this fall and these would be a wonderful addition to our home! We would pack his favorite PB&J with some goldfish and peaches.

  18. Love that is all fits in 1 container and BPA FREE!!!!!!

    markandandrea at mchsi dot com

  19. Love that Easy Lunch Boxes are BPA-free. I would be able to easily put together lunches for my 1st grader, instead for looking for different containers for each item.

  20. I love that it is daughter loves fruit and cheeses in her lunch

  21. I am always looking for a great way to pack a lunch and not waste a bunch of bags and keep everything from leaking and not getting squished-love these!! Thanks!

  22. I learned that putting a slice of bread with some vinager on it gets rids of smells in the lunch box. Love that idea!!

    If I got one of these, I'd actually be packing my hubby's lunch in it, so he would stop spending so much money on eating out. :)

    krystalsrecipes (at) gmail (dot) com

  23. I love that these are BPA free ... and I learned the trick of using wax paper to help seal in foods like yogurt! This is important because for my little guy, I would pack yogurt, fruit and tortilla roll-ups! :) What a neat giveaway!

    kanga dot momma at yahoo dot com

  24. Michelle S (ms at smith dot net)July 17, 2010 at 5:53 PM

    My 3rd grader would get more variety for lunch and not worry about throwing away a container on accident. BPA free & dishwasher safe are bonus for me.
    I love the hint of bread and vinager for smell removal.

  25. Their vinegar soaked bread trick for removing odors is great! Never would've guessed! I'd be packing sandwiches using a LunchPunch we just got, carrots and dip and fruit for my oldest DD! My e-mail is

  26. I love that they tell you how to use waxed paper so yogurt doesn't leak. I would probably pack a spinach salad with thousand island dressing, pretzel crisps, and a sliced mango. My3grcs @ yahoo. com

  27. I also loved the tips for cleaning the lunch bag, I never would've thought of the bread trick! I was pleased to find that the containers are both dishwasher and microwave safe, as I pack lunch every day for my husband in addition to my two daughters. I will often send leftovers for him, which require reheating.

    The first lunch I would pack would be a salad (spinach or spring mix) with nuts, cherry tomatoes, blueberries and goat cheese. On the side would be carrots/cucumbers, apple slices, and whole grain crackers. After that, who knows? It will definitely be something more wholesome than the cafeteria offerings, that is for sure!

    Heather - hfawn @ aol . com

  28. These would be great for my kids! They are BPA free and save space in the cabinets so they won't take over like all the sippy cups. They are versatile enough to use to pack my son's lunch for school, and easy enough for even daddy to remember protein, fruit/veggie, starch for our one year old for visits to Nana's house. They will lock up tight so no leaks, or food "touching". These will definitely get used at our house! Great idea!!


  29. I love the look of these containers and bags! They are more than big enough to pack a healthy lunch for my son with room to spare for snacks and drinks. My son has 2 food breaks at school so we have to pack plenty of healthy choices for him. We always pack a healthy sandwich, fruit, veggie, granola bar, yogurt and 2 drinks for him. In a regular lunch bag it is a very tight fit. We are a busy family of 4 (my daugher is 3 and not in school yet) but both of my children have activities they attend at our YMCA. I also have diabetes and these would make it so much easier to pack healthy lunches and snacks. We are trying very hard to be a "greener" family and I think this system is terrific.

  30. This would be awesome for my Hubby and for my 3year old. I would pack leftovers for my hubby and My daughters favorite PBnJ with frozen peas and cherry tomatoes.
    I too LOVE the cleaning tips, I have tossed many a lunch boxes do to smell. Now I know how to get rid of it. Thanks so much
    SOFLAKJ at bellsouth dot net

  31. I love that they are both eco-friendly and kid friendly without using harmful chemicals!! I would love to pack some 'slider sandwiches', seasonal fruit (peaches right now) and some cheese circles.
    Thanks for sharing,

  32. I love that the kids can open them easily. I also love that it would be one container and lid rather than a bunch of them.

  33. I love the different compartments and that they are BPA-free. I would pack a sandwich or lunchmeat/cheese skewers, fruit (whatever we have in the house) and carrots or cucumbers and then a cookie for dessert.


    jenc at crazysummer dot org

  34. I checked out the site and learned that you can fit 3 containers in one of their bags, perfect for a family picnic.
    I can't wait to try these out. I'm looking forward to making my son his own version of "lunchables" in these: crackers, ham, cheese, fruit, and maybe a little treat. :)
    the palins @ gmail. com

  35. Love BPA free lunchboxes! My favorite thing to pack for my son is leftovers! It's like killing two birds with one ston!

    everythingbrandy @

  36. I like that the are stackable - makes for easy storing when not in use. My kids love to dip veggies, so this would be perfect to keep their ranch and veggies in.

    krispiks (at) aol (dot) com

  37. I learned that they nest for easy storage, which is a great thing in my house.

    Sweepsrus at gmail dot com

  38. I learned how easy the Easy Lunchboxes are and how awesome they are for nesting for easy storage.

    I would pack a lunch for me in these that would include some kind of a turkey wrap in the main compartment, Watermelon cut up in little balls in another one, Some kind of veggie (LOVE brocoli) and dip in the last container.

    My email is Cearsa1978 @ gmail. com

  39. There are tons of ways I love these boxes. I am really glad they are BPA, vinyl, lead etc free. love that we all could use them - mom, dad and the kid I see less clutter in my future. And I love that it looks like the compartments are divided all the way to the top - my current containers are not - very messy sometimes.

    I would b packing sandwiches, and leftovers. I see my salad, crackers and fruit all in one container :)

    ustanley03 @ yahoo . com

  40. I love all of the food ideas that they have posted online... I also love how these boxes are safe in the dishwasher so warping isn't an issue.

    angeleclipse @ gmail . com

  41. I learnt about the labels & 1 oz soufle cup to use with the Lunch Box at their neat ideas section. I would pack grill pepperoni & cheese sandwich/grapes/2 cookies for my kid.
    benjifiliso (at) hotmail (dot) com

  42. I love the idea to pre-heat a thermos with hot water! I would pack my daughter's lunch for preschool.
    kmsee (at) juno (dot) com

  43. I love the lunch ideas. My daughter doesn't like sandwiches, so we have to be creative! :)

    tuba_queen5 @

  44. OMG this are great, just to think that no mess in his lunch bag and everything in the same place, not lot of mini containers!!!