Monday, August 23, 2010

Lunches for an Outing: 8.24.10

I'm bringing the kids to a great outdoor museum, and of course I packed lunches for us in our Easy Lunchboxes!
An Easy LunchBox cooler full of yummy lunches!
The Boy has some green grapes, some homemade yogurt with vanilla simple syrup stirred in, a teddy bear cheese sandwich on pain de mie, and some sweet potato chips (made according to Fix Me a Snack's recipe - I think I like them better made in the microwave, they get crispier... these are still delicious, though).
I have no idea what the Boy has against red grapes.
The Girl has some red grapes, some yogurt with vanilla, teddy bear ham and cheese sandwich on pain de mie, and some sweet potato chips.

I have some red grapes, some yogurt with vanilla, a ham and cheese sandwich on pain de mie, and some sweet potato chips.
Mommy doesn't warrant a fun shaped sandwich

I also have a snack to bring for the afternoon.  (The Boy is a Type 1 diabetic, so we need to have snacks on hand).  We have ritz crackers sandwiched with peanut butter, and some dulce de leche Girl Scout Cookies that I've had sequestered in the freezer all summer.
A monochromatic snack, but delicious

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  1. Looks tasty!
    I've never tried potato chips in the micro. I'll put that on the list of things to try.
    Thanks for the link.

  2. They just get crispier - check this out:

    I tried in the oven because you can do more at once, but the kids asked that they be crispier next time.

    (They still ate them!)

  3. I hope you had a fun trip today! :)

    When did you learn your little one was diabetic? Isn't he only like four? :(

    I wanted you to know I ordered some Lunchbox Love notes and told them you sent me! :D I got them today and they are SO nice. I wasn't expecting them to come in little cases, but how handy!

  4. We found out about his diabetes at the beginning of the summer. He is 4. It's rough, but we are dealing with it well, and he' great about it...
    When he starts school, and I pack for him more often, I'll be including carb counts on more of my recipes and on his lunches. I calculate them now most of the time, but I don't usually publish them.
    So happy that you like your Lunchbox Love notes. Aren't they sweet?

  5. I'm so sorry about that, Astrid! :( One of my very good friends in HS was diabetic. Unfortunately, she didn't take it seriously and did not take care of herself and is now dealing with a lot of health issues as a result. :(

    The Lunchbox Lunch notes are SO sweet! Ethan is loving the little trivia bits on the back and his teacher and head cafeteria lady are very impressed. LOL :)