Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lunch: 1.27,11

The Girl has a new lunch box!  This one is from Crocodile Creek, and the Easy LunchBox containers fit beautifully inside.  I'm really excited for this lunch box - it is more easily cleaned than her old lunch box, which was getting seriously grimy on the cloth. Hooray for new lunch boxes!

Snack is a fruit cup, some pocket poptarts, and a juice.  (A note - the juice does not fit in the snack pouch of the new lunch box... instead, it goes in the big container with the lunch.  She may drink it at lunch.  That's up to her).

Lunch is some tie dyed stuffed pizza bread, a hard boiled egg, some pistachio pudding (from a box mix... cleaned out my pantry the other day and found that I have about 10 boxes of pudding!), and a couple oatmeal jammy bit mini muffins.

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