Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Recipe: Cooking With My Kid's Pocket Pop Tarts

I saw these Pocket Pop Tarts on Cooking with My Kids today, and I knew I had to try them.

Of course, I made them mini.  I got 16 little pies instead of 8 bigger ones.  Perfect for lunches (or snacks).

First, I cut the pie dough with a medium sized biscuit cutter.  Then, I used my pasta machine to roll the circles thinner - to thickness "3" on my pasta machine.
Small circles, big circles!

You could fill them with anything!  (I did not use the prune filling)

Scooping out some jelly into the circles

Crimping the edges
Poking holes for venting

Doesn't it look like a sunflower?

Mmmmm, Nutella

N's on the Nutella ones.  :D  (And yes, the jelly ones leaked a little.  Still yummy)

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