Monday, January 17, 2011

Recipe: Tie Dyed Stuffed Pizza Bread

I decided to make some more Stuffed Pizza Bread for lunches this week, and decided to tweak it a bit.  How about Tie Dye?

And in mini muffin pans instead of in a tart pan?

I threw in a bit of three different colors of gel food coloring near the end of the bread machine's kneading cycle.  I used pink, purple, and green (knowing The Girl's preferences...)

Then, I formed the balls (with cheese inside... tried with a bit of sauce, too, but it was too runny and didn't seal properly for me.  I suggest solid fillings only) and put them into greased mini muffin tins.  I let them rise for about an hour - because I used a different cycle on my bread machine that didn't have a first rise.  If you do a normal dough cycle with a full rise, you'd probably be ok with a shorter rise.

As a result of the individual balls, they only took 8 minutes or so to bake. 

And they'll be so pretty in lunches!

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  1. Kiddo, have you read up on the recommended daily intake of food coloring? I think you must be right on the cusp of overdose?

  2. There's not too much food coloring in these. The bread... sure. I may look into using veggie juice etc to color it at some point... but the food coloring is so handy!

    1. I don't think veggie juice will give you such vivid colouring, plus it will add an additional taste. Unless you use some sort of concentrated juice - but then you might be faced with a different kind of overdose problem. ︶