Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lunches for an Outing: 7.13.11

Today we are heading to King Arthur Flour!  (Oh, and also to Montshire Museum of Science and Vermont Institute of Natural Science for the kids....)

Here's the huge amount of lunches - my brother and his fiancee and me and most of our collective children (we are missing her two children, who are in Oregon).  I love EasyLunchboxes for outings.  So convenient.

Everyone has the same thing - Sharp cheddar cheese sandwich on fresh pain de mie, chicken sausage with feta and spinach, strawberries, and a Nanaimo bar from King Arthur Flour's recipe.

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  1. Sounds and looks so tasty! Don't think I've heard of chicken sausage with feta & spinach, but it sure looks delicious!

    Your outing sounds really interesting ... I'd love to join you. :-)


  2. You're an inspiration Astrid! - Kelly

  3. I just might have to get some of those lunchboxes!