Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gifts for the Lunch Packer: Back to School Edition - Bento Gadgets

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This is a series of posts I'm going to do about good gift ideas for the lunch packer/things you might need for Back to School.

I want to disclose that I am an Amazon Affliliate, and some of the links I post are my affiliate links.

I don't do a lot of the super cute bentos that many people do, but I have a few toys that I just adore using in my lunches.  This post is a bit of a repost of one I did around Christmas time, but I have a lot of new readers since then (hello, and thank you!).

One of the most fun tools is hard boiled egg molds.

In the realm of traditional Japanese bento hard boiled egg molds, you can get a car & a fish, a bunny & a bear, a star & a heart, or for even more fun, Hello Kitty (I don't have her yet - but I want her!).

You can also shape hard boiled eggs with Tovolo Ice Cream Sandwich molds.  I have the farm animals, but they also have a set with a star, a heart, and a cylinder, or the Oh-My-Goodness-I-Want-Them-Before-Winter set of a Gingerbread Man, a Snowman, and a Snowflake.

Another staple of fun lunch is bento picks.  How about these adorable animal ones?  Or these swirly Wilton "Message" ones?  (I have never tucked a note of any kind into them, but you could).  Allthingsforsale also has a HUGE array of picks that I am dreaming of.  I love the panda bears, the letters, and the music notes!

Silicone cups also make great dividers in lunches.  These square cups are perfect, or you could go the cute route and get some animal shaped ones, or these flower shaped ones.

You could go all out and get super cute.  You could stay more utilitarian.  But, any way you shape it (hardy har har), adding a couple of these things to your lunch packing arsenal could help start the school year off right.

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