Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lunch: 5.21.10

There's still time to enter my Bake It Pretty Giveaway!

Snack is three cream of the crop dried fruit mini muffins, some craisins & raisins in the elephant container, and juice.

Lunch is some butterfly shaped ham sandwiches, grape tomato and string cheese skewers, half a kiwi, white cheddar cheez-its, some dried pineapple in the little container, two dried plums, and some strawberry Chobani.

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  1. You have the cutest little containers!
    I'm not sure that my boys would ever manage to get home with them but I would love to know where you get them.

  2. The animal containers were from Rite Aid at Easter and had candy in them. The other containers were from Ichiban Kan, and they have since closed their online store, but you can find lots of Bento supplies on Ebay!