Sunday, May 30, 2010

Recipe Reminder: Granola

I've got a batch of granola in the oven right now, and I thought I would post a link to my original post on granola, so that my new readers could check it out.

Since last time I made it, the girl didn't really love it, I left out the coconut this time.  I ran out of dry milk while making another bath of Crockpot yogurt.  Also, so I can send it in to school with no worries, I've left out the nuts.

So you see, this is very forgiving.

Try making your own!  Granola is delicious and can be very healthy and lunch-worthy.

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  1. Making granola is SO easy! I don't think I ever make loose granola the same way twice.

    If the general public realized how simple it was those companies selling bagged granola for like $8 a pop would go broke really quick! :P

  2. Have you ever tried making granola in the crock pot? It is super easy and almost impossible to burn.

    here is a basic recipe from the crock pot lady. I will use whatever I have laying around in the pantry so make more trail mix like than cereal like.

  3. Chris - I saw that crockpot granola when Stephanie was doing Crockpot 365. Tempted to try it! Of course, last night while I was making the granola, my crockpot was full of yogurt!