Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Recipe: Striped Pasta

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I have leftover pasta dough from the other night (and there is still more!  It's too hot too cook!), so I decided to try making striped noodles.  I'm saving them for another (not so hot) day, but I shaped them tonight.  If they don't dry in this humidity, I'll toss them in my dehydrator for a couple hours.

And oh, do they look cool.

They are pretty easy, too.

First, pick a base color.  I went with the pumpkin, because it's lighter than the others.  Roll it into a flat sheet (setting 6 on my Atlas pasta machine).  Cover with a towel.

Next, roll each of the other colors into flat sheets and cut into thin strips.  I did the cutting by hand, but you could use the machine, too.

Lay the strips on the base color.  Press them down by hand to attach lightly, and then roll through the pasta machine again to secure them and make them into single striped sheets.

Cut into desired shape and let dry.  I made thick pasta with frilled edges and twisted them to make a fun shape.  I am not Italian and have no idea what this shape might be called, but it's pretty.

Ravioli would be really cool striped.  Since I want to save this pasta and not cook it tonight, ravioli is out.

I love experimenting with my pasta machine! The kids should love this.  (That's flour on the pasta, by the way)

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  1. Very interesting! I've been wanting to make homemade pasta but I'm intimidated by the process...the mess...the space it takes...the price of the pasta machines....

    So cool though. I bet those will look awesome when they are cooked!

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