Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lunch: 5.26.10 (In an Easy LunchBox)

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The girl has chicks hatching in her classroom currently, so I thought I would give her some chick sandwiches. 

Snack is some chick shaped tea jelly sandwiches, dried pineapple, and a juice.

Lunch is a couple pieces of the wrap from my lunch (honey smoked turkey, muenster, broccoli slaw, and light miracle whip), some homemade Greek style yogurt with a little honey, a light string cheese, half a kiwi, and some goldfish crackers in the monkey (which, by the way, came from Rite Aid filled with Easter candy.  Someone was asking)

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  1. I made my second batch of tea jelly yesterday. The kids GOBBLE it up. First batch was raspberry zinger, and this batch was country peach with cherry juice. I will no longer be buying jarred jelly anymore.

  2. Excellent! I need to make some more. I have about 6 kinds of tea waiting to be jellied - and I plan to sell it on Etsy! It's just a matter of finding time to make it... so happy that you and your kids are liking it!

  3. Hi I'm a new follower! love the chick shapes, they are so cute!