Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lunch: 10.18.10

It's a Halloween-a-riffic food day!

Snack is some of a new batch of homemade Greek yogurt with strawberry jelly stirred in, some strawberries (with a bone pick), and some juice.

Lunch is a Jack-o-lantern ham sandwich on orange colored (not flavored) pain de mie, a chewy granola bar with pumpkin, Halloween pretzels, a babybell jack-o-lantern, apple slices, and a couple jack-o-lantern pumpkin shortbread cookies (recipe coming), all in our Easy Lunchbox container (and there's still time to get a free cooler bag from Easy Lunchboxes, if you can wait for the back ordered containers to get back in stock - should be soon!)

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