Sunday, October 31, 2010

Recipe: Brownies with Chocolate Clay Toppers

If you aren't following me on Facebook, you may not have seen the photos from my Halloween Party.. (let me know if that link does not work for you). 

Back for The Girl's birthday, I did some playing with chocolate clay.  It was fun.  It is workable like fondant, but easier to make, and tastes significantly better, in my mind.

So, I decided to use my cool new cookie stamps to make chocolate clay toppers for brownies.

They are so cute!

(unfortunately, the stamps are not available anywhere except for ebay that I can find right now...)

To make chocolate clay, melt 10 oz of chocolate (I used white chocolate candy coating, you could use any color), then stir in 1/3 c light corn syrup.  Knead it until it's solid and forms a clay-like consistency.  Wrap in saran wrap and let sit for at least 2 hours.

 Brownies with Chocolate Clay Toppers

1 batch brownies, prepared (your favorite recipe)
1 batch chocolate clay (see above)

Cut brownies into desired shape with a cookie cutter.  You can smoosh the remaining bits together and re-use them like you would regular cookie dough.

Roll chocolate clay out as thin as possible between two pieces of parchment paper.  (You may need to knead it slightly before you can roll it).  Cut the chocolate clay with the same cookie cutter you used to cut the brownie shapes.  (If you have a cool spring loaded cookie stamp, press it down to leave an indentation).

Cover the brownie with the chocolate clay cut out.  Continue with the rest of the brownies.

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