Monday, October 25, 2010

Lunch: 10.26.10

I really need to make a loaf of pain de mie... maybe tomorrow.

Snack is some pomegranate seeds (in a container underneath), and some applesauce, along with a juice.

Lunch is chicken apple sausage skewers with apples, carrots with some cheese powder in the little container, homemade Greek yogurt with pomegranate seeds and vanilla syrup stirred in, and some more apple slices, packed in an EasyLunchbox...

And, FYI, the free cooler bag offer from Easylunchboxes is valid until 11/10 - if you want to read the saga of why they have been back ordered so long, go read about it on their FB page... but in the meantime, place your order to get a free cooler bag!

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