Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lunch: 11.1.10

It's a new month! Hope that everyone had a great Halloween!

Snack is apple slices, a chocolate chip mini muffin, and a juice.

Lunch includes a couple treats from her Trick-or-Treating bag.  She has a maple leaf shaped ham sandwich, some pomegranate seeds, a piece of string cheese, a peppermint patty, a small piece of candy corn bark (the Girl declared that it was her favorite thing from my entire Halloween party!), some grapes, and some cheddar pringles (also from her Trick-or-Treat bag), in an EasyLunchbox.

Remember, the free cooler bag offer from Easylunchboxes is valid until 11/10!

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  1. Trying to get my crew to enjoy pomegranate seeds and having no luck. They like the jam we made but not the actual seeds.

  2. Have you tried stirring it into (vanilla maybe) yogurt? Yummy.