Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gift Idea for the Lunch Packer: Kid's Cooking

This is  a series of posts I'm going to do about good gift ideas for the lunch packer - or for the follower of my blog.

I want to disclose that I am an Amazon Affliliate, and the links I post are my affiliate links.

I know I'm always looking for things to get my kids for Christmas, and in my mind, there is little better gift for  kids than teaching them how to cook and bake at a young age.

There are some really cool tools available that make cooking fun for kids.  Some of these are going to be under our own tree!

For baking, this Sassafrass kit is really neat - it includes measuring cups & spoons. wooden spoon. rolling pin, spatula, melon baller, pastry scraper, and an... herb pot?  Ok, so that's a little weird, but it could be used as a mixing bowl.

This Playful Chef set is also a baking set, and it includes an apron, measuring cups and spoons, some cookie cutters, and some other great tools.

If your child wants to bake, don't bother with the Easy Bake. Get them slightly smaller sizes of high quality, Nordic Ware bakeware.

For a child who is a little more advanced, this Kuhn Rikon Kinderkitchen Set is really fantastic.  They are a good company that makes good products.  You can get the components of this set separately, too.  They are adorable.  The starter knife is dog shaped, with or without teeth.  I have held this knife, and I bet you could cut yourself if you really were determined to, it would take some doing.  (But it would still cut ingredients... granted, not as well as a real chef knife, but I wouldn't hand The Girl my beloved Wusthof Santoku and tell her to have at it).

Another couple tools in the set are mouse measuring cup set and Goldfish measuring spoons.  Be still my heart.  So sweet!  Kuhn Rikon also makes some kid-friendly tongs - Crocodile jaws!  They would also work as toaster tongs, which The Girl likes to use.

For whisking fun (oh, how The Girl love whisking!), this rainbow whisk is a winner.  It's coated in silicone, so you can use it with nonstick pans, too.

Happy Holidays!

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