Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gift Idea for the Lunch Packer: Pasta Making

This is  a series of posts I'm going to do about good gift ideas for the lunch packer - or for the follower of my blog. 

I want to disclose that I am an Amazon Affliliate, and the links I post are my affiliate links.

I've had a great time with my Atlas Pasta maker.  It's perfect for making pasta, of course, but also good for rolling out naan or tortillas, other dough.

If you have a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, they also have a pasta roller plate set that gets very good reviews.

Once you have your pasta made, you will need a drying rack, like this one.  Or, you could use a clothes drying rack like I do!

For cutting the pasta, I like the Pasta Bike, which you can adjust to different sizes for cutting.

And, if you want to make ravioli, try using this crimper for hand cut shapes - don't bother with the ravioli attachment for the Atlas.  I got it and returned it because it was a total waste of money.  The raviolis were tiny and ridiculous and the filling squished all over the place.  If you don't want to cut them by hand, try something like this or this, or if you want to go extra adorable and spend a little extra, this one makes stars!
Want to try a simpler pasta?  Spaetzle is the easiest!

Homemade pasta is fun!  You can put whatever you want into it, and even sneak in some healthy things, like beets..

Happy Holidays!

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