Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lunch: 5.24.11

The Girl has a field trip today, and they said to pack a hearty lunch as the kids won't have time for a snack, and also something to drink.

She has a ham sandwich on pain de mie, a string cheese, apple slices, somersault snacks (don't miss the giveaway!), along with homemade Greek yogurt with maple syrup stirred in, and a banana.  To drink, she has a bottle of water with Mio in it.  (Mango Peach).  I like Mio occasionally.  It gets her to drink more water... I wish it didn't have anything artificial in it, but for the amount I use in her water, I'm ok with it.

I packed her lunch in the cooler bag from EasyLunchboxes - and did you know, you can now get EasyLunchboxes on Amazon?  Super cool.  I used the cooler bag because she's got a larger lunch today, and I wanted her water bottle to fit.

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