Sunday, May 15, 2011

Recipe: Nutella Cinnamon Rolls (from Sugarcrafter)


I saw this recipe on Sugarcrafter, and I knew I had to try it - if you want the recipe, go on over to her post.  I did it as written, except that I halved the recipe, used half whole wheat flour, and used OJ in my glaze.
Beautiful dough - made in the stand mixer because I was at my parents' house, no bread machine..

Ready to roll.

Nutella + Butter + Cinnamon.  Yums.

Baked and glazed

These Nutella Cinnamon rolls were delicious.  The Hubby doesn't usually like nutella and he liked them.  We had them for dessert, not breakfast, but they would make a lovely breakfast, of course.  Slightly sinful, but lovely.

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