Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lunches: 3.25.14 (with Inspiration from Everyday Bento by Wendy Thorpe Copley)

Apple slices: 4g, grapes: 6g, strawberries: 8g, sandwich: 35g
Happy Tuesday!  The Boy has a turkey and hummus sandwich on skewers, strawberries, grapes, and apple slices for lunch.  For snack, he has a granola bar (not pictured, 29g).

I packed a fun lunch for The Girl this Tuesday, inspired by my friend Wendy from Wendolonia.  I received a copy of her new book, Everyday Bento, for review, and the kids pored through it immediately.  The Girl picked one specific bento for me to take inspiration from, and I did my take on Wendy's Butterfly Bento.

She has some chicken salad (I made mine with a little apple and grapes and Miracle whip.  She loves it!) with an apple skin butterfly cut out on top, in a butterfly silicone cup, some grape "grass" with skewers for flowers, strawberries with a butterfly cut out of one strawberry laid on top, some bread, and Annie's bunny grahams.  They seemed to fit the theme.  For snack, she has a granola bar and an apple.

I know that I will be finding much more inspiration from Everyday Bento - the kids have been eyeing the Lego lunch and dreaming.. that might need to happen.  I hope that you pick up a copy - Wendy has not only great, eye-catching lunches, but also delicious recipes throughout the whole book.

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