Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lunch for The Boy: 1.19.12

The Girl is under the weather and not going to school, but here's The Boy's lunch and snack.
Banana: 13g, apple slices: 5g
He has apple slices and half a small banana for snack.
Fruit salad: 20g, cauliflower & feta: 6g, pork chop: 2g, dumplings: 11g, peppermint pretzels: 9g

His lunch is a fruit salad with some more banana, apple, and some strawberries, roasted cauliflower "popcorn" with feta sprinkled on top, leftover porkchop that he asked for, chicken dumplings (from Costco), and a couple peppermint pretzels.

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  1. The "popcorn" with feta looks so yummy! Did I miss your recipe for that one?

  2. LOL. I looked under the RECIPES tab and there it is, doh!!! :)

  3. Just added some feta to it. The Boy *loves* his feta!