Friday, January 20, 2012

Lunch for The Boy: 1.20.12

I got a call from my friend who was watching The Boy and she said, "So, your son just bit into a wood block and a grown up tooth is wiggling and bleeding."


Quick call to the dentist, and he said that it should tighten up again, but for now, The Boy should eat softer foods and NOT wiggle it.

You try telling a five year old not to wiggle a wiggly tooth.  *sigh*

We will be bringing him to the dentist to check it out next week, after it has some time to tighten up, and here's for hoping...

Apparently, the children were playing that the blocks were cake.  And The Boy chomped down into one.  Because that's what normal five year olds do...

The Girl is home sick again today (she has a nasty sinus infection and can't stop coughing... hopefully the antibiotics will nip this thing in the bud over the weekend), so I just have a (soft) lunch for The Boy...

His snack is a banana.  (No picture, 25g)

Dumplings: 24g, yogurt: 18g, oranges: 15g, strawberries: 6g, cauliflower & feta: 6g
His lunch is roasted cauliflower popcorn with feta cheese, sliced strawberries, yogurt with maple syrup, mandarin oranges, and dumplings.

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  1. OUCH!!! and scary too. I love how the dentist said it will tighten up again. Kids that age just bounce back from everything. Hope the girl feels better soon!

  2. I bought 2 heads of cauliflower today! Can't wait to roast them!!!