Monday, April 2, 2012

Lunch for The Boy: 4.3.12

The Boy's snack is a banana (no picture: 28g)
Strawberries: 6g, carrot cupcake: 22g, melon flowers: 7g, rainbow butterfly sandwich: 23g, Scrabble Cheez-its: 10g
For his lunch, I actually did a cute lunch!  I know - I'm normally more utilitarian, but I felt like doing a little extra.  He has melon flowers (cantelope, with a watermelon center), strawberries, a butterfly rainbow bread sandwich with Biscoff spread, Scrabble cheez-its, and a carrot cupcake with a little icing decoration.  I separated the sandwich from the fruit with a piece of plastic I had around.  I really need to get some of the cute bento separators... but for now, plastic works.

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