Sunday, April 1, 2012

Recipe: April Fool Cupcakes (baked in real egg shells)

I saw this technique on Pinterest - with cake, brownies, and also cake with filling.  I thought it would be a really fun thing to do for April Fool's.

I used boxed carrot cake mix.  This made 10 egg-cakes and also 16 regular cupcakes.

So... the hollowing out of the eggs took a while.  I couldn't find my corkscrew (alas!), but I used a nut pick and it worked well.  I found that if I started the hole with a pin, then enlarged it with the nut pick, it worked best.  As a bonus, I used the nut pick to get into the hole and "scramble" the egg, which helped in the expulsion process.
Quiche is happening for dinner to use up all the egg innards...
Once the eggs were all empty and rinsed, I submerged them in salt water for about half an hour, as directed, then emptied them out and let them dry.

I made the carrot cake according to the box instructions, and then filled it with a pastry bag fitted with a large-holed tip.  This part was pretty messy.  And...

I overfilled them...

No problem - all you have to do is scrape off the overflow and then wipe the egg down with a damp cloth.
Just an ordinary egg, right?
Oops, what's that?  One of the shells cracked?  Oh, what a shame, I have to eat one ...

I scooped it out like I would a soft boiled egg.  And it was wonderful.  You could serve with cream cheese frosting "dipping sauce" if you like.

I served the "eggs" for dessert... I think the kids liked them. 

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  1. This is awesome! I've always wanted to try it but never actually do it. Love the picture you captured while she opened the egg :) Priceless :)