Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lunch for The Boy: 4.12.12 - Rainbow Week: Green Day

Green Day!
Applesauce: 15g, smoothie: 15g
The Boy's snack is some Granny Smith applesauce and a green smoothie.

The smoothie today has kiwi, banana, honeydew melon, yogurt, and kale.
Grapes: 4g, kale: 1g, green cauliflower: 2g, apple: 4g, peas: 3g, dip: 3g, egg: 0g
Lunch is roasted broccoflower, slices of candy crisp apple, green grapes, kale chips, a green colored hard  boiled egg, sugar snap peas, and some spinach veggie dip.  It's a pretty low carb lunch... I think I might encourage him to have his smoothie with his lunch... Just so that he has enough to sustain him to the afternoon.

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