Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lunch: 4.18.12 - Earth Day Blog Hop!

Today, I'm taking part in an Earth Day Blog Hop with the Bento Bloggers & Friends. I hope that you will hop on through and check out the other fun Earth Day lunches around the blogosphere!

The Girl's snack is applesauce (no picture).

Her Earth Day lunch is a some grapes (with a grape tulip on top), a cheese sandwich sun on flat bread, over some sugar snap pea "grass" and a bed of sliced apples, and a couple cutie clementines.
I've got the whole world in my hand.
I had a friend (who is a far better artist than I am) draw the Earth onto one of the clementines.

Hello, Europe and Africa
She was very detailed.

Australia, et. al.
Earth Day is April 22nd.

Now, hop on over and see what Michelle at Creative Food has to offer up for this Earth Day Blog Hop. 

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  1. This is so awesome, I love the little clementine Earth ^^


  2. Holy moly! That clementine is amazing!!!
    Loving the sun sandwich too - great idea!!

  3. Wow! The detail on the clementine is stunning! Love the rest of the lunch, too.

  4. I am blown away! Amazing job on the clementine!

  5. Love how the earth is on the clementine. Great idea!

  6. Love the artwork on the clementine and the whole lunch looks good :)

  7. Love your cheese sun and of course the clementine earth is amazing!

  8. Love the clementine earth idea! and the grape tulip is too cute :)

  9. Wow that clementine is wonderful!

  10. Amazing little clementine, totally makes the lunch - which looks pretty yummy even without decorative citrus!

  11. I absolutely love the little earth! Such a fun little lunch! ^^

  12. I haven't seen you around lately! I've missed your clementine creations!

    Diana Rambles
    Bento Blog Network

  13. Absolutely LOVE the mandarin! I couldn't draw a globe this well on a piece of paper, let alone on fruit! :)