Monday, April 9, 2012

Lunch for The Boy: 4.10.12 Rainbow Week - Yellow & Orange Day

It's another Rainbow week day!
Rainbow bread & biscoff: 30g, Smoothie: 17g
Snack is a smoothie (in an Oxo Tot Blocks container, frozen tonight, hopefully it will thaw out in time for snack... the Red Day smoothie didn't quite thaw for snack, but The Girl tells me it was thawed by lunch!), along with a Biscoff sandwich on fresh rainbow bread

The smoothie for Yellow & Orange Day is pineapple, banana, apple juice, and frozen peaches.  I skipped the greens because I didn't want to mess with the color.

Cauliflower: 3g, cantaloupe: 7g, carrots: 2g, egg: 0g, Goldfish *in egg*: 8g, applesauce: 15g, english muffin & cheese: 13g

Lunch is some parmesan roasted yellow cauliflower "popcorn," cantaloupe, carrots, an orange dyed hard boiled egg from Easter, a little Easter egg container with orange and yellow Goldfish Space Adventures crackers, peach applesauce, and half an english muffin with cheddar cheese.  Not exactly colored right, but yummy.

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