Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lunch: 4.2.12

I got this container at the pharmacy a couple years ago, in the Easter section... go check out the stores, see if you can find good lunch containers meant for Easter baskets!
The Girl's snack for Monday is some dried banana chips.

Her lunch is a carrot cake in an egg shell,  a cheese sandwich shaped like a bunny on fresh rainbow pain de mie, apple slices, manadarin oranges, and half a kiwi.

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  1. The little chickie container is so cute! And your rainbow bread is amazing as always :D

  2. I had that little chickie in my hands today at the store and I put it back...I knew I'd be kicking myself!

  3. Great presentation but I'm curious about the nutrition value...I see alot of fruit in each of your lunches (which naturally has sugar) but no veggies. What about protein?

  4. The kids eat a lot of protein at home (especially when they don't have it in lunches), and I also get more veggies into them at dinner. For the most part, I know that they have limited time for lunch, and they tend to leave a lot of the veggies that I pack and only eat the other things. So, I focus on fruit at lunch... sometimes, I find a really good recipe that they really like for veggies - like my roasted cauliflower - and they will eat that well at lunch. If you look at lots of my dinner recipes, there are more veggies in them. Wait for next week - it's Rainbow week at their schools, and we have already been planning!