Monday, September 17, 2012

Lunch: 9.18.12

Only one more day until Talk Like a Pirate Day... and my Bento Blogger & Friends have something really big coming for you all - a blog hop with a fabulous treasure hunt!  So, stay tuned...  We'll all be going live at 9 AM EST on September 19th, so make sure to check!

The Girl's snack for Tuesday is a Bunny shaped hard boiled egg and a Cabot cheese single.

Her lunch is some rainbow pasta casserole that I improvised for dinner - with tuna, cheese, a little Cabot Greek yogurt, some sundried tomato vinaigrette, and cracker topping.  She loved it, so I gave her leftovers.  She also has some strawberry slices, and a couple strawberry flavored sugar cookies.

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