Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lunch for The Boy: 9.20.12

Today's lunch isn't as cool as my Talk Like a Pirate Day Lunch (don't miss the treasure hunt!), but The Boy is still excited about it.

Fig: 10g, cookies: 8g, pumpkin seeds: 3g
For snack, he has some Naturebox Smoky Pumpkin seeds in an EasyLunchBoxes Mini Dipper, a Naturebox dried fig in a covered silicone container, and a couple strawberry sugar cookies.

Applesauce: 15g, strawberries: 3g, watermelon: 3g, cheese: 1g, salami: 1g
His lunch is some watermelon, turkey salami, a Cabot Cheese single, strawberries, and some peach applesauce.  He requested no bread of any kind today, because "it gets boring."  Ok, then... just hoping it's enough carbs to sustain him throughout the afternoon.  We'll see!  I think I'll tell him to get a milk with lunch, just in case... his blood sugar has been running low-ish lately... (ah, the life of a Mommy Pancreas...)

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